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Africa grapples with a significant disparity in healthcare financing

Harbouring 16% of the world's population, the continent shoulders 23% of the global disease burden.

While digitalisation is making headway in some areas, the shortage of financial resources remains a substantial hurdle. African governments are prioritizing heightened national health-related funding and seeking collaboration with international organisations to facilitate extensive investments in digital health systems.

There is a potential for Africa to unlock substantial financial benefits through widespread digital health adoption, potentially reaching billions of dollars in key African countries. These resources can enhance healthcare outcomes and sustain digital health tools, a critical necessity in financially constrained African nations.

Join as an Investor

The Africa Healthcare Investment Summit unites world’s healthcare leaders, investors, and industry experts. This summit serves as a pivotal platform for exploring healthcare financing opportunities, devising innovative strategies, and forging partnerships to drive healthcare investment across Africa.

With a primary focus on sustainable financing, the Summit strives to channel investments that improve healthcare accessibility, promote technology adoption, elevate quality, and ensure affordability throughout the continent.



Who Attends:

  • Development Banks
  • DFIs
  • Corporate Accelerators
  • Major Funds
  • SWF
  • Family Offices
  • Ministers of Investment, Economy, Health, Finance
  • Financial Consultancies

Key Topics:

  • Policies for More Capital: Bridging health financing gap
  • Improving efficiency gains from digital health investments
  • Mobilizing capital to scale digital health projects.
  • Sustainable investment- putting users at the centre.
  • From donor dependency to self sufficiency
  • Measuring financial impact of digital health tools
  • Breeding next gen healthtech unicorns


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