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Digital HealthTech Emerges

Africa to Leapfrog to Cutting-Edge HealthTech After Conquering the Fintech Arena

Digital healthcare has the power to grant access to healthcare to an additional 400 million individuals in Africa, with remote solutions capable of reaching 74% of the African population, equivalent to over 700 million people.

Innovations such as telemedicine, drones, data analytics, wearables, and information management hold the promise of vastly improving healthcare accessibility and outcomes.

Despite this immense potential, Africa's healthcare sector faces resource and funding challenges.

African health tech entrepreneurs have demonstrated remarkable adaptability in resource-constrained environments. The response to COVID-19 has further accelerated innovation and investment, resulting in a record year for health tech funding in 2020.

To sustain this progress, governments must create an enabling environment for health tech innovation.  World Digital Health Africa Congress unites healthcare ministers, policymakers, development institutions, corporate tech leaders, innovative startups, and NGO to through collaborative effort explore how technology can be leveraged to advance quality of life, pandemic prevention, and healthcare innovation across Africa.



Who Attends:

  • Policy Makers
  • CEOs
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders in Healthcare Investments
  • Ministers
  • Academic Experts and Scientists
  • Futurists & Visionaries
  • Corporate Tech Leaders

Key Topics:

  • Can Africa Leapfrog to Cutting-Edge HealthTech After Conquering the Fintech Arena? 
  • How to build well financed health systems in Africa?
  • Regulation for Digital Health Progress
  • Raising the Bar on Data Protection, Innovation, and Evaluation
  • Long Term Sustainable Funding Models
  • Building Tomorrow’s infrastructure foundations
  • Bridging the gap in healthcare access


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